medium & small wall discs

Medium & Small Gilded Wall Discs 24cm x 4cm

Raku is the fastest and possibly most dramatic method of firing
ceramics. Developed out of the original ancient Japanese technique,
biscuit ware is fired up to approximately 1000°C. in less than an hour
- a normal glaze firing takes between 10-12 hours.

Once the pots are glowing hot, they are removed from the kiln using
long tongs and placed into bins containing sawdust. The fast drop in
temperature causes 'thermal shock' to occur which creates the black
lines that are characteristic of raku.

Emma uses the slip resist technique, which stops the glaze sticking to
the surface of the piece. She has completely dispensed with the use of
coloured glazes and relies on the effect that the intense heat and rapid
change in temperature has on the clay surface and body. Colour and
contrast is introduced into each piece by way of gold and copper leaf,
which is used to emphasise preciousness and also as a response to the
distinctly organic feel of the rims and flat surfaces.

This unpredictable and intense firing process invests each piece with
a unique character, which is wholly determined by this alchemy of
fire. Such abandonment to chance is in stark opposition to the
controlled process she employs when making her precise forms

'I can never know exactly what will be created when my pots are
exposed to the intense heat and smoke - each piece is a surprise,
sometimes a delight, sometimes a disappointment. I relish this
contrast between making and firing and I am content to relinquish
control of part of the process over to chance.'